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Pirzade Turkish Delight

In keeping with the Turkish Food Codex, the company, which continues its production in line with the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, is now a leader in the domestic market. In addition, the share of foreign markets is increasing day by day. He is able to increase his share in this sense with his presentations in packages that do not receive air.

It can produce products that are both healthier and able to reach a wider audience. The production, which carries high quality standards and hygiene is of utmost importance, continues without sacrificing its tradition. In addition, R - D 's work in question, while developing the product, does not keep the tradition backward.

Today, when a delicious delight is still defeated, the beautiful moments that have remained somewhere in the past can be revived in the eyes of the people. It is possible to say that some memories such as scents are immortal. Accordingly, it is not the case that lokum, traditional recipes, change or change the character of having lokum as a cultural value. It is only as a great necessity to present these tastes in a more qualified manner with various development studies.

When careful and intensive work is combined with years of experience and experience, it can not be expected that the result will be very bad.


In order to realize this mission, we are experienced in the confectionery and confectionary sector with experienced and professional masters and process engineers and staff, and have technical support in product development by academic and consultancy companies.

MRG Confectionary Customer satisfaction has declared itself a mission to use halal gain and halal raw material which are not compromising on quality and hygiene, faithful to its values and fulfilling the requirements of laws and laws.

Pirzade Turkish Delight

Pirzade Turkish Delight


MRG Confectionery In the confectionery and confectionery sector, it is an established and institutionalized company with the aim of responding to the needs of the customers in accordance with taste and taste and offering hygienic products to the customers..


Our products are produced with high quality, hygienic, halal and 100% confidentiality and provide our customers with the best price, rich variety and quality under the best conditions to provide continuity in customer satisfaction. Food safety is our goal by registering food safety, hygiene plans, hazard analysis.

Pirzade Turkish Delight

Pirzade Turkish Delight


  • To provide a peaceful and healthy working environment.
  • Producing products and services by using time and resources efficiently and without waste.
  • Taking the development and education of our studies as a basis.
  • To provide products and services focused on customer satisfaction.
  • To make products according to national and international food legislation.
  • Contributing to the economy of our country.
  • He wanted to become a well-known company in the world and Turkey.

    It is the most important detail of our work to take the necessary precautions to reduce our negative impacts on the environment during our activities, which we borrowed in future generations.

    We are committed to educating all our employees in this regard to improve environmental awareness, increase knowledge and share best practices. We apply an independent audit process to minimize the negative effects of our products and processes on our environment, share with our employees the environmental performance indicators and developments towards targets. we are constantly improving.

    Reducing material consumption in all operations, reusing materials instead of throwing away, supporting feedback and using recycled materials. Reduce the level of pollution and harmful emissions if possible. By visual pollution, visual effects in the region and other effects diminish. Our environmental performance will be regularly monitored and monitored to ensure that the environmental goals and objectives listed above are always applicable and applicable.

    Pirzade Turkish Delight